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About OBD-II

UNDERSTANDING OBDII: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE - article by Larry Carley. A comprehensive overview of On-Board Diagnostics' past and present, with a big brother-ish view of its possible future.

Larry Carley's Home Page - A skilled automotive repair professional, who also writes superbly, logs his articles on repair topics and offers a variety of auto related software. Some OBD II related, some just neat.

OnBoard Diagnostics Article - OBDII and performance modifications from the pages of High Tech Performance magazine.

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Automotive Service Assn. Article - on the remote surveillance aspects of OBD III. 

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Environmental Protection Agency

Downloadable files of EPA final OBD-II directives. - 6-94 through 5-97 

EPA Statement of 7/24/96 regarding decision to approve CARB request for OBD II waiver.

EPA's Position Paper on the effects of On Board Diagnostics (OBD II). - March 14, 1997. Now that the final rules for these systems are in place, EPA proposes that MOBILE6 attempt to account for the benefits of OBD for the newer model years. 

EPA Links Page to OBD-II documents. - May, '96 to Nov., '97 

EPA OBD Links Page. - Primarily to other EPA publications. 

Federal Register Notices by Publication Date with Web Links. - EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ). There is no guarantee that this is a complete list, but it should be virtually everything generated by OTAQ since 1994. 

Continuation of EPA above link list. - through 2-19-98 

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California Air Resources Board (CARB)

California Air Resources Board homepage.

California regulations for OBDII  -  This has the 1968.1 California regulations for OBDII, a hot topic at the SAE seminar (This is similar to the CFR that the EPA has).

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Automotive Trade Associations 

COMBATING OBD-II...AGAIN. A position paper from SEMA. - The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced plans to impose stricter emission standards for ozone-related emissions and airborne particulates. The tougher standards would force states and municipalities to achieve further emission and particulate reductions from sources that include factories, refineries and automobiles. 

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SAE Reference Publication Sources 

SAE On-Board Diagnostics  - for Light and Medium Duty Vehicles Standards Manual

Diagnostic systems--Part 2: digital information - This part of ISO 9141 describes a subset of ISO 9141:1989. It specifies the requirements for setting up the interchange of digital information between on-board emission-related Electronic Control Units (ECUs) of road vehicles and the SAE OBD II scan tool as specified in SAE J1978.

OBD II Scan Tool - This SAE Recommended Practice defines the requirements of OBD II scan tools, i.e. test equipment that will interface with vehicle modules in support of the OBD II diagnostic requirements. 

Expanded Diagnostic Protocol for OBD II Scan Tools - This SAE Recommended Practice defines the Expanded Diagnostic Protocol (EDP), the requirements for the SAE J1978 OBD II Scan Tool for supporting the EDP protocol, and associated requirements for diagnosis and service information to be provided by motor vehicle manufacturers. 

Universal Interface for OBD II Scan - SAE J1978 defines the requirements of the OBD II scan tool. 

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Pre-OBDII diagnostic information

Retrieve codes from Pre-OBDII Vehicles:

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OBDII Resources and Training

Helm, Inc. Online Bookstore - Source for factory service manuals and other repair data for GM and Ford vehicles and some import models.

Autoshop101 - Automotive Training Resource Site - Automotive training support for Automotive technicians, students, and teachers.  Online ASE style electrical practice tests, technical articles, online tutorials, etc.

Bergwell - Thorough OBDII information available in books and video, on CD ROM and on line. All courses written by technicians for technicians!

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